Lex Tas - Freelance Software Developer

Hi, I’m Lex wave icon

A full-stack developer that likes to build build icon and launch launch icon awesome products!


With tons of developer experience I know how to build secure products from the front all the way to the back, and everything in between.

Continuous delivery

Focus on achieving a constant flow towards production, take away the fear of deploying by building a stable, reliable and monitorable base.

Tailor made

Implement workflows and processes tailored to your company and environment with focus on your core values.

Communication is key

Instead of claiming to do so, actually listen to what people use and need on a daily basis to create a stable foundation even long after I’m gone.

Companies I've worked with

I don’t care whether you’re a start-up or an enterprise, I like to work in high performing agile teams where I cannot only develop your product but also use my knowledge and experience to guide others and improve team performance.

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Let's work together!

Do you need help boosting your product or team, or do you have a new project you are about to start? Let's see how I can help you make it even better!

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